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Episode 119: The Soda Episode

Ep 119

I sure hope you you still want to listen to these.  If you are wondering, “what the fuck happened?”  Then tune in everyday this week for new episodes, and a light dip into the darkness that’s pervaded my life the past couple of months (and the decade before that).  If it’s all the same, I’m just gonna pretend none of it happened and get back to making this show and making it better than ever.

This episode was recorded months ago.  Our friends JACK and ALAN come by for a special episode where we take a trip to Mass Street Soda in lovely downtown Lawrence.  It’s a fun episode of tasting and comparing weird, wild sodas!

Episode 75: The Future Middle Ages

Ep 75

We have a guest this week and it’s none other than the co-creator of the Joke Machine, Jack!  Past listeners of the show will be glad to know that Jack is the first guest to try out our third microphone!  That’s right, we are really coming into our own.  This week we talk about futuristic McDonald’s menus, dying at work, debris getting in the top of Kool Aid Man, nutritional information on alcohol, author’s voices, teen mom’s sex tape, mouth breathing, George W Bush depression, and much more.  Since Jack was here, we had to pull the Joke Machine out of mothballs.  Without giving too much away, we still got it!  Drop One (Off In You) is off King Dong’s Variety Hour’s first CD, Stank On Ya’ Hang Low, which is for sale on iTunes HERE.  This episode is brought to you by Dicken’s brand apple cider.


Here's that pic I made several years ago.
Here’s that pic I made several years ago.

PS:  You’ll be relieved to know that Harvey Keitel is alive and well.