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Episode 119: The Soda Episode

Ep 119

I sure hope you you still want to listen to these.  If you are wondering, “what the fuck happened?”  Then tune in everyday this week for new episodes, and a light dip into the darkness that’s pervaded my life the past couple of months (and the decade before that).  If it’s all the same, I’m just gonna pretend none of it happened and get back to making this show and making it better than ever.

This episode was recorded months ago.  Our friends JACK and ALAN come by for a special episode where we take a trip to Mass Street Soda in lovely downtown Lawrence.  It’s a fun episode of tasting and comparing weird, wild sodas!

Episode 74: The Apocalypse Is Coming! Somebody Quick, Piss The Last Supper In The Snow So That We’ll Be Saved

Ep 74

The topics this week are a secret.  You’ll have to listen if you wanna find out what we talk about.  This episode is brought to you by Dictators.

The Illuminice at work.
The Illuminice at work.


Episode 30: I’m Kevin’s Bacon, I Hang Confident And Strong

It’s another milestone episode from a podcast that’s full of it ’em.  I was sort of bummed that no guests stopped by to celebrate our 30th episode, but James told me, “no one gives a shit about 30.”  The topics list this week includes Amercia, psychic phone lines, DC’s gay superhero, zombie attacks, Spiner femmes, facebook stock, and as always much more.  I don’t know if I fully articulated my point that Johnny Carson was instrumental in my development as a human being, but the documentary that I mention is available for viewing HERE.  That Song, That Crazy Song is by Adrian, James, Jon, Justin, and Simon.

Episode 22: I Dare You To Listen To It, You Pussies

This may be the most controversial episode of Sorry, Kansas yet.  Don’t worry though, by the end it gets nice and weird.  Items on the docket this week include bacon, gold, mustard, pink slime, beards, magic markers, and much more.  In addition to the joke machine and the impression off, we also try a little Tim and Eric style editing game.  This episode is brought to you by Cereal Milk.  Fuck In The Mud is by our friends in Fast Eddies Drive Time Band.