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Episode 119: The Soda Episode

Ep 119

I sure hope you you still want to listen to these.  If you are wondering, “what the fuck happened?”  Then tune in everyday this week for new episodes, and a light dip into the darkness that’s pervaded my life the past couple of months (and the decade before that).  If it’s all the same, I’m just gonna pretend none of it happened and get back to making this show and making it better than ever.

This episode was recorded months ago.  Our friends JACK and ALAN come by for a special episode where we take a trip to Mass Street Soda in lovely downtown Lawrence.  It’s a fun episode of tasting and comparing weird, wild sodas!

Episode 59: Quentarantino

Ep 59

It’s a week of guests both invited and otherwise.  Jon and James are joined by Alan for the entire episode, plus boisterous conspiracy theorist and radio host Alex Jones barges his way in a couple of times.  The topics this week include purchasing air, medium size, scars, trillion dollar coins, gold, money, the fed, and much more.  This episode is brought to you by Gene Shalit Remembers.

Gene Shalit in full glory.
Gene Shalit in full glory.

Episode 48: I Can’t Read, So It Ain’t My Fault

As you’ll soon hear, it’s been a big week here at S,K.  Of course this is a big month as the big one year show…the Halloween show…episode 50…is coming up.  But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  This week James and Jon find the time to talk about female profession distinctions, in-dash touchscreens, columbus day, giant eyeballs, diamond planets, and much more.  Plus, James and Jon kick out a super plausible Bigfoot theory, and Alan walks into the middle of the impression off only to be confronted by his new roommate…Jon.

The song we play during the break is James Adomian doing Jesse Ventura making Skrillex noises on Doug Loves Movies.  It was remixed by Zac Bentz, and can be listened to in sweet stereo HERE.  Check out his other stuff too.  I especially like NEScapism.


Nerd Love:

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Episode 35: Monthly Mencia #5-Comedy Bang Bang

Our first monthly mencia episode in quite a while is a real barn burner.  We of course selected the always excellent Comedy Bang Bang: The Podcast.  The show is hosted by Scott Aukerman, and features the funniest comedians and otherwise funny people working today.  We aren’t pros or anything, but we do a good job of matching the quality of Scott’s show.  As it is Friday the 13th, we were able to score an exclusive interview with THE Jason Voorhees.  Local DJ Alan Paul is here for the whole show, but he left the door open and none other than Huell Howser stepped through.  We have would you rather.  We have who said it.  We even have plugs!  We did this with love, and did our best to live up to the name.


NOTE:  For some reason I lost about 5 seconds of audio about an hour in.  All you missed was Alan asking if the horse could be trained in dressage.