Episode 7: You’re Gonna Lose Your House and Your Family If You Don’t Change, You Sick Fucker

In this Episode of Sorry, Kansas James and Jon talk about, the efficacy of dishwashers, sexual perversions, the “news”, Hoarders, styling choices for old men, places that serve alcohol, and the Evil Dead remake.  This episode also features a former exchange student and the introduction of the Sorry, Kansas mascot.  Pretentious Fart is by James and Jon (10 years ago).

Episode 6: Be Somebody, Or Be Somebody’s Fool

In this episode James and Jon hit all the pressing issues such as the label comedy nerd, why TV shows might be so stupid, the insipid scourge of Banquet microwave “dinners”, the catholic hatred of left handed people, perfectly legal con jobs, and a couple out there theories that are starting to gain momentum.  As if that weren’t enough, the son of a famous Hollywood actor drops by.  This episode is brought to you by Frank Pizza”s Toolbox in Chicago, IL.

Episode 5: The Little Guys

This time around James and Jon discuss Thanksgiving (this episode was recorded the day after), black friday, and how to shoot a video.  Also, they review 2 awful movies, and our resident MD Dr Chunt Montgumry stops by to answer your medical questions.  This episode is brought to you by Double Marking Soles brand shoes.

Episode 4: Zooey Douche Nell

In this episode James and Jon tackle subjects as broad and diverse as loving bad things, cheap products to avoid, the hidden dangers of the chocolate fountain, jury duty, the contents of Starbursts, and of course much more.  As a bonus the guys take some Hollywood starlets down a notch or two.

Episode 3: All The Ones

This episode, recorded on 11-11-11, was the first official episode of Sorry, Kansas.  The first two episodes (available at some point in the future when I get bored) were of a nameless podcast.  The topics brought up in this episode include proper chanting rhythm, Wal-Mart opening clinics, family specific phrases, hearing about other people’s dreams, plus much more.  This episode is brought to you by feCola, drink it or else.  Amanda’s Mother Fuckin’ Cakes is by our friend Adrian.

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