Episode 116: Silence Spree

Ep 116

This time around James and I talk about shit that’s too funny to describe.

Episode 115: Caged Existence

Ep 115

Wow, I guess no one (except James) reads these.  I don’t really hate Red Letter Media, but I do hate that some people have enough money to waste on something like that when people go to bed hungry every night.  Reality simply does not make sense to me most of the time.  Let’s forget about that though and listen to James breakdown the ideology of Tweety Bird, a crazy ass Joke Machine, an interview with the creator of Californication Tom Kapinos, an improv scene, and of course we’ve got topics too.  This episode is brought to you by The Money Grubber.


Episode 114: That’s What Mel Gibson Wants

Ep 114

Alright, since no one reads these I’m going to entertain myself.  I officially rescind my support of Red Letter Media.  The fact that they turned down $250 to do an hour interview with me was insulting enough, but I understood.  Since they refuse to do the one thing that brought them to my and everyone else’s attention, the Plinkett reviews, the only thing left for me to point to was that they weren’t begging for money from their fans.  Selling DVDs is standard, same with merch, and even their auctions where they sell literal trash I’m fine with.  With a DVD you at least have purchased a product.  In the case of Feeding Frenzy it was a worthless product, but a product none the less.  What I can’t stand is that they think they need to rent a warehouse to do their mediocre shit in.  Let me tell you why I’m really mad though.  They already get ad revenue.  There’s an average of 4 ads per video.  Even if they get 1/4 of a penny for every ad play, and they average 100,000 views, that’s $1,000 per video.  That’s for dumb fuck movie reviews too, not the millions of views they get on Plinkett reviews.  You know, the kind of reviews that require writing and work, not the kind where you pay your friends to get drunk with you and make lame lowest common denominator jokes.  The worst part is that they think they are smart.  They think that a collection a drunk idiots can ride the line of bad on purpose and over the top camp?  I watched Feeding Frenzy, they can’t…or at least won’t.  When they first started out they were able to make money and buy equipment shooting weddings and shit, but they are too good for that sort of thing now.  That sort of thing being, of course, honest work.  No, now they need you and me to do honest work, and then give the proceeds to them.  I say fuck that.  Have you seen Clerks, or El Mariachi?  Those are two excellent examples of working with nothing.  Another good example is Evil Dead.  So, Red Letter Media, take Sam Raimi’s cue and beg for money from dentists, not people who can’t afford to go to one…you worthless fucking assholes.


Episode 113: A Lineage Of Mr Ts

Ep 113

Dose anyone read these?  If you read these please let me know.  The topics this week include dreams, the dumbest thing I’ve ever done, joke theft, misheard words, blatant marketing to children, characters that then became actors as characters, and much more.  This week’s episode is brought to you by The Burger Log from Franklyn and Ginger’s ranch restaurant.


Episode 112: A Real Cliffhanger

ep112 cliffhanger

Welcome back for another round of insanity.  This episode was recorded the day before April Fools.  It’s just an excuse, but I really wanted to have nothing to do with that holiday.  I feel like a true alcoholic who stays home on St Patrick’s Day.  Like I said though, that’s just an excuse.  Really, my depression and laziness are neck and neck most of the time, and neither of them ever actually “wins.”  BUT I haven’t smoked a cigarette in 45 hours, so that’s something.  This weeks topics include being a trashman, fox news wagging dicks in our faces, the coolest oven mitt, waffle tacos, and much more.  I also give a rare movie recommendation, and the epic conclusion to part one of Jon Feist Writes.  This episode is brought to you by Chicho Camicho’s Rock-Bottomless Margaritas.


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