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Sorry, Kansas is a weekly comedy podcast from James and Jon.  It’s mainly a topic driven conversational podcast, but with characters and absurdity thrown in for good measure.  The topics range from semi-serious political and religious discussions to the whimsical, trivial, and ridiculous. They discuss current events, past events, and future events that shall likely never occur.

James and Jon are two best friends who probably should have moved out of Kansas 16 years ago, but they didn’t.  Now they feel obligated to help change the narrow view held of this state by even them.  They are here to say that not everyone from Kansas is a fundamentalist christian, racist, homophobe; or a pregnant, teenage, meth addict, hillbilly.

We imagine small huddled groups of rational, thoughtful people trapped in small towns all over the world.  We are you, you are us, this show is for you.  Also, if you smoke weed I bet you’ll like it too.


2 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. I discovered you guys on the message boards of Earwolf.com. As an Kansas expatriate now living in Los Angeles, your podcast intrigues me. But I am old, and I’m tired, and I’m having trouble downloading it to my iPod. But when I do … oh boy, tell you what. I will …. why, I will listen to it.

    PS: If you don’t recognize my moniker, I used to be something of a legend on Kansas State message boards until I discovered that my fellow K-Staters were kind of douchebags. Anyway …

    1. Catmatt.. “i’m kind of a big deal” on K-State message boards. That’s like saying you built the best web page using animated snowfall gifs on geocities or angelfire.

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