Episode 28: Ayn Rand Is A Stupid Cunt!

Welcome to the longest biggest episode of Sorry, Kansas yet.  There are no fewer than three in studio guests.  First up is our old pal “Dr” Chunt Montgumry who stops by to catch up and answer a few more questions.  Then, one of our new sponsors who’s name we didn’t catch, stops by.  Finally, the “king of the mid-west comedy scene” stand-up Paul Shorts pops in.  If you couldn’t tell by the episode title James and Jon speak a little bit about Ayn Rand as well as bird watching, Sonic’s dollar menu, the movies of 1999, wrinkles caused by water bottles, Faul McCartney, and much more.  Plus, a new website slogan is tossed about, and let’s not forget the joke machine and the impression off.  See…I told you, long big.  This episode is brought to you by The Worst Meth In Ark City, and also by Nip It In The Button.

P.S. As far as I can tell there is no novelization of Cool As Ice, but for $25 you can get the press kit from it HERE.

UPDATE:  The price has been slashed to $18.75!  Act fast, there are only 3 days left!


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