Episode 120: Cookie Jimmy

Ep 120

I know, I know, but seriously, my computer started fucking up and I didn’t handle it very well.  I sincerely wish that was just a lame excuse, but at least I talked myself out of throwing my computer against the wall.  Join James and I as we discuss life hacks, leaving contacts in too long, bad words, camming-con, prayer discounts, the rock group Queen, and much more.  The much ballyhooed (I can’t believe I spelled that right on my first try) first installment of Jon Feist Writes: The College Years is this episode, as well as James being briefly eaten by a magical snake.  This episode is brought to you by Nowel.


Episode 119: The Soda Episode

Ep 119

I sure hope you you still want to listen to these.  If you are wondering, “what the fuck happened?”  Then tune in everyday this week for new episodes, and a light dip into the darkness that’s pervaded my life the past couple of months (and the decade before that).  If it’s all the same, I’m just gonna pretend none of it happened and get back to making this show and making it better than ever.

This episode was recorded months ago.  Our friends JACK and ALAN come by for a special episode where we take a trip to Mass Street Soda in lovely downtown Lawrence.  It’s a fun episode of tasting and comparing weird, wild sodas!

Episode 118: Morris Norris

Ep 118

This episode was recorded when James and I were very sleep deprived.  Then I edited it when I was sleep deprived and I am writing this to you now as person who is, in fact, deprived of sleep.  So, with all this deprivity in mind, enjoy this episode that has a sort of mad energy.  Jack Kerouac sort of mad not madvertising kind of mad, man.  This episode is brought to you by James.

Episode 117: No Little Sleep

Ep 117

As members of the band Staind seem fond of saying, It’s been a while.  Who knows if they really are fond of it, but it seems that way.  I can tell you that James and I discuss loose butthole, songs, the patch, clapping at movies, cock wrappings, milk grades, local recycling bullshit, and much more.  This week’s episode is brought to you by Dr Salt.

If you listened all the way to the end you heard Heart Trouble by Rachel Kaplus.  To hear more (and give her your money) click HERE.

Episode 116: Silence Spree

Ep 116

This time around James and I talk about shit that’s too funny to describe.

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