Episode 112: A Real Cliffhanger

ep112 cliffhanger

Welcome back for another round of insanity.  This episode was recorded the day before April Fools.  It’s just an excuse, but I really wanted to have nothing to do with that holiday.  I feel like a true alcoholic who stays home on St Patrick’s Day.  Like I said though, that’s just an excuse.  Really, my depression and laziness are neck and neck most of the time, and neither of them ever actually “wins.”  BUT I haven’t smoked a cigarette in 45 hours, so that’s something.  This weeks topics include being a trashman, fox news wagging dicks in our faces, the coolest oven mitt, waffle tacos, and much more.  I also give a rare movie recommendation, and the epic conclusion to part one of Jon Feist Writes.  This episode is brought to you by Chicho Camicho’s Rock-Bottomless Margaritas.


Episode 111: Mini Carcosa

Ep 111

It’s true, two new episodes in as many weeks!  Seriously, quit rubbing your eyes, you’ll hurt yourself.  This week I only wrote two things down, and one of them we didn’t even get to.  So I don’t feel the need to tell you here what that one thing was.  Given it’s weight, you’ll know when you hear it.  In addition to the normal silliness, there’s also Joke Machine, JFW, and a real rarity, a comedy scene!  Drunk Girls is off King Dong’s new album available HERE.

Episode 110: Hey There, I’m Famous Golfer Jack Nicklaus, How’s It Goin’?

Ep 110

As Scott Aukerman (director of the President) might say IT’S BEEN…(chuckle) quite a while since we’ve released an episode.  WELL THAT ENDS TODAY!  I’m releasing an episode right now, in fact.  If you wanna know the real truth, if your reading this, I’ve already written it.  Chances are I’m watching a TV show or playing video games.  Pretty nuts huh?  Well don’t get too excited, time is a flat circle (duh).  This week James and I discuss the merits of a cake-sized candy bar, generic cars, how fuckability should not grant you a valid artistic voice, racist nerds, the reality of magic, and much more.  This episode is brought to you by Jizz Zappers.  The song Momma’s Titties is off King Dong’s Variety Hour‘s new self titled album available HERE.


Episode 109: Cleft Behind or Toiling 2: Electric Boogaloo

Ep 109

Ep 109b

It’s been awhile, we’re glad you still here.  You mean more to us than you’ll ever know.  Well maybe you know it now…who knows.  I must admit this week is pretty heavy.  Typically, Valentines Day signals the lowest point of my seasonal depression so the next episode will be a lot lighter.  Don’t fear though, by the end things get nice and silly.  This week we talk about spoilers, George Zimmerman, the super bowl, minimum wage, commercials, Robocop, and much more.  We are also joined briefly by Woody Fallon.  This episode is brought to you by Faux J.


Episode 108: Humans Be Assholes

Ep 108

If you’re anything like me, you’re still writing 2013 on all your podcast episodes.  This week James and I discuss questionable uses of a star’s likeness, counterfeit Chinese eggs, excuses for my stand up performance, insulting credit card names, the problem with legal weed in Colorado, demographics, insanely expensive Nintendo games, bored writers, and much more.  Also, the lesser know Hilton sibling, Capitol stops by to discuss basketball.  Casey Anthony is by General Bastard who’s album is available HERE.